About IT Law

IT Law is a law practice in Auckland New Zealand specialising in IT, telecommunications and e-commerce law, established by Anne Hall in 1999. Anne has practiced exclusively in IT and telecommunications law since early 1993, and is one of New Zealand’s most experienced IT lawyers.

IT Law’s primary involvement is advising clients on reaching good agreements (as opposed to advising on IT disputes) and this includes advice on intellectual property issues and minimising exposure to risk.

IT Law’s approach

IT Law’s approach is based on:

  • a focus to assist clients in their efforts to achieve successful, cost-efficient IT projects;
  • recognising that a contract which does in fact represent an agreement between the parties, one in which their expectations are aligned, can significantly increase the likelihood of successful outcomes;
  • realising that clients need to see a return on their investment with IT Law, that the fee needs to represent real value for the client.

Types of client

IT Law advises a wide range of IT suppliers and also a variety of large corporates and government agencies.

IT Law has consistently proven beneficial to organisations requiring legal advice and contract negotiation on tendering, licensing, customisation, implementation, testing and support stages of technology projects.

IT Law provides its services locally and internationally (recommending that advice be sought from overseas suppliers where applicable).


IT Law offers competitive pricing and provides fixed prices or fee estimates where possible; hourly rates apply. Our approach to pricing is to give clients certainty on pricing to the extent possible. Deliverables and timeframes are agreed to suit the client.

Anne Hall

Otago (LLB 1991)
Otago (BCom, Accounting 1991)
Admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand, October 1991

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